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All centuries, in Florence | Florence, Italy 2009Her father doesn't know... | Paris, France 2008Freedom, I think... | Berlin, Germany 2007The girl with the pretty shoulders | Shooting - Athens, GreeceThe walker and the drunk | Rome, Italy 2009This other world in Versailles | Versailles Gardens, Paris, France 2008Simple elements of happiness | Nice, France 2014Small talk, hot cappuccino and a ...kuchen | H. Schwarzerbach Cafe, Zurich, Switzerland 2016Real friends listen to you even when you're silent | Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2018The brilliantine waiters from Salzburg | Salzburg, Austria 2009A man's feeling uneasy. A woman is talking to the sky. At a pub on Carnaby street. This is London. | Shakespeare's Head Pub, London, UK, 2019F**k parents! Let's get mortal!!! | Nice, France 2014Just water could make us happy | Berlin, Germany 2007Gertrude, maybe we should stop rockin... | Rome, Italy 2009Mine. | Munich, Germany 20156 windows, 2 doors and a handsome biker | Strasbourg, France 2017Old buildings, young heart | Munich, Germany 2015- Seriously John. You look sepia. | London, UK 2019Women to the right. Men to the left. | London, UK 2019